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One-on-one and two-on-one Equipment Pilates sessions in Withdean, Brighton


I have been inspired by movement and bodywork for most of my life by now, although truly discovering the joy of physical exercise only came to me in my late teens. Then in my early twenties I discovered Yoga and Tai-Chi. I soon travelled to India to learn Yoga and meditation over there and travelled the sub-continent for about two years. This experience really shaped my life and mind. Then I studied some Eastern and Western Philosophy in Tel Aviv University for a year. I quickly realised that the academic life is not for me, and that I must work with my hands. This led me to Zen- Shiatsu and that in turn led me to do an Osteopathy Masters degree in London. Osteopathy gave me some great tools and I practiced it here in Brighton for ten years. I did some Pilates courses and prescribed Pilates exercises as part of my Osteopathic practice, but eventually I decided to do a teacher's training course at EME, and taught Pilates at Brighton Pilates Studio until it closed down in 2022. I now solely teach Pilates as I think it's the best for healing musculo-skeletal and joint pain and so much more. Movement truly heals, empowers and inspires us. 

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