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Pilates 1-2-1

I have been an Osteopath for ten years, however when I discovered Pilates movement I gradually migrated into being a Pilates instructor, as I felt that truly this is a better way to promote musculo-skeletal health, but also so much more. I like to teach one to one and perhaps I’m used to working like that from my Osteopathy days, but it gives me a chance to focus and tailor the exercises to the individual client.  Coming from my background, I tend to think in terms of posture and alignment, and the exercise as a form of healing and promoting health. But movement offers an experience above all, and embodiment. Modern life tends to separate us from our bodies, and I like to think of movement as a journey we all take, back into our own embodied self. It is a chance to stop and go inwards, nourish those parts of ourselves that are often ignored. My lessons therefore are slow, deliberate and meditative. Forget goals, forget what you know, just breathe…. This makes my sessions suitable for anyone who has some muscle or joint pain or discomfort they want to deal with, generally feeling stiff, an antidote to a sedentary lifestyle.

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